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“Sambook” shop - Russian Souvenirs in Samara

"What to bring you from Samara, my dear daughter?" asked a merchant in the famous Russian fairy-tale. "A Scarlet Flower!" – she replied. And here is full of them! Painted and birchbark ones, they are on the kerchiefs, on the pillows, and even on the popular Russian felt boots called Valenki. They are blooming under the hand of the Russian master, and are gathered together here, in our online Sambook shop. We have an abundance of various goods with scarlet flowers and not only: bright matryoshkas, spoons, lacquered jewel-boxes – the list is endless!

Nice to meet you, dear visitor! Welcome to our original souvenir shop with Russian and Samara gifts!

We love our homeland and are proud of our folk culture. Samara is a big city on the Volga river with the history of almost 430 years. At one time the city was famous for its well-known fairs: Cathedral and Kazan ones, and today we are proud of our Volgian vastness, well-designed and hospitable city center, achievements of Samara in science and technology, and, of course, numerous handmade souvenirs which we create and sell by ourselves.

We present products manufactured in the original traditions of Samara and the Samara region, as well as the traditional Russian Gzhel, Khokhloma, Palekh, Majolica gifts at our website. All craft works are certified, every piece is unique, created and painted by hand. Modern Samara souvenirs are created by joint efforts of artists, designers, and Russian producers.

The Sambook original souvenir is really unique and will gratify and indulge the soul many years after!

15 555 р.
4 995 р.

Where to buy souvenirs from Samara as a present to friends?

We already put all of them on the shelves! Look here.

Here are famous Russian gifts: Semyonov’s matryoshkas, lacquered and birchbark jewel-boxes, porcelain from Gzhel, ware with Khokhloma painting.

Here are our Samara landscapes: on postcards and paintings, on magnets and flasks, on cups and mugs.

We haven’t forgotten about the white nanny goat from the coat of arms of Samara. She beautifies plates, flags and gift sets, and there are volume figures of the nanny goat – the symbol of our city.

For ladies we prepared mittens with fur trimming and felt boots with stylish Russian decor.

To children delight we have whistles and patterned horses.

Search an exclusive souvenir online. If you don’t find a thing – make an order!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask by mail: sambook@inbox.ru