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Gift album "Samara Skol from the Silver Age"

18 855 р.

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  • Publication format: 21 x 30 cm
  • Designer paper
  • VIP binding material Madera
  • Foil stamping
  • 288 pages

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 The novel of the famous Samara writer Eduard Mikhailovich Kondratov "The Samara Skol from the Silver Age" is imbued with pain for the fate of the architectural monuments of Samara; the fates of people who survived the catastrophe of the Russian revolution and the civil war pass through the narrative fabric of the work. On the example of provincial Samara, the life of Russia is shown in the difficult period of the early 20th century, which coincided with the heyday of Samara town planning - the Silver Age of Samara architecture.


The book is richly illustrated with drawings by Vagan Gaikovich Karkaryan, a famous Samara artist and architect, friend and associate of E.M. Kondratov.


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