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Samara's gift album "Paints of the big city"

2 590 р.

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Price: 2590 rubles

  • Languages: Russian, English
  • The author of the idea, text, artistic performance: Polina Borgest
  • 192 pages, hardcover

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The album about Samara «Big City Colours» contains photos and artistic prints of modern Samara painters. Classical photography in combination with creative and unusual views of moderm photographers as well as printed canvases make this album very special. Extensive photo and art material is complemented with informative and intersting articles about Samara and region in the past and nowadways. Here you will find information about architectural styles, a city centre map and why Samara is called «Cosmic Samara». The part «Walking tour on Samara» with the description of the sightseengs is arranged especially as a long walking route around the town. The part «Travel on Samara region» includes the best directions and «must see» picturesque locations.
The book will be a bright guide, a historical travel or a splendid memorable album.
Intended for general reader.

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