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Bell "From Samara with love"

1 999 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Porcelain
  • Height: 16 cm
  • Diameter: 9.5 cm

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Gzhel - one of the traditional centers of Russian production of ceramics. The broader meaning of the name is correct from a historical and cultural point of view - is a large area consisting of 27 villages in the Moscow region. Until the middle of the XVIII century there were made of pottery, bricks, tiles, toys were also made in the form of birds and animals, miniature figurines on the theme of Russian life. Brilliant White horses, riders, birds, dolls, miniature utensils painted purple, yellow, blue and brown colors in a unique folk style. The motives of this painting were ornamental flowers, leaves, grass.

With 20 years of the XIX century, many products only painted with blue paint. Especially for our shop in a factory in the suburbs made souvenirs and applied to the image of Samara and Samara region.

Drawing a company logo, 1 pcs., the timing check with your manager.

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