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Bell with a bird "From Samara with Love" gzhel

1 555 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Material: porcelain, cobalt, glaze
  • Size: 140х70х70 mm
  • Hand painted

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Gzhel painting is a drawing of bright blue cobalt paint on raw white porcelain with subsequent glazing and firing.

The painting got its name, thanks to the picturesque area near Moscow, known as the "Gzhel bush". For more than 700 years, Gzhel masters have been creating real works of art - utensils, figurines, home decoration, painted with colorful ornaments depicting flowers, animals or landscapes.

All work is done only manually, which gives it value. Machine Gzhel painting does not exist, each product is original, displaying a particle embedded in the soul of the author. Gzhel drawings are stories from the folk life of the past - sleigh rides, Shrovetide, genre scenes, fairy-tale characters, floral ornaments. The patterns are unique, because the master paints each cup or tray manually, in a single copy.

Since the 20s of the XIX century, many products painted only with blue paint. Especially for our store, souvenirs are made at the factory in the suburbs of Moscow and images of Samara and the Samara region are applied.

Drawing a logo of the company, from 1 piece is possible, specify terms at your manager.

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