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Bell "Desire will come true" bronze

1 355 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Material: Bronze
  • Size: 11.5 cm x 5 cm
  • The inscription "What you wish, it will come true"

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A bell depicting the Samara Pokrovsky Cathedral with the inscription "Whatever you wish will come true" is a wonderful souvenir from Samara! The bell is universally revered as a talisman that can ward off or even destroy evil. More generally, the bell symbolizes the passage of time. His ringing marks good events: a wedding, a victory. The bell symbolizes initiation, the movement of elements, witchcraft against the forces of destruction.

The bell swings mark the extremes of good and evil, death and immortality. In many religions, the sound of the bell symbolizes a divine voice preaching the truth. Little bells ringing in the sea wind symbolize the sounds of paradise. Ringing a bell can mean either a challenge or a warning. In Christianity, the holy bell announces the presence of Christ in worship. Church bells call and encourage believers, flee evil spirits and calm the storms.

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