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Vympel "Emblema of Russia"

199 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Size: 24.5 x 15 cm
  • Material: satin

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Emblem of Russia - official state symbol of the Russian Federation, established by presidential decree in 1993. The coat of arms is a double-headed eagle with scepter and orb in its claws. On the crown of the three crowns of Peter the Great. The coat of arms depicted on the tricolor - the official flag of the Russian Federation.

Pennant (from Dutch wimple) initially - a long narrow flag, forked at the end. Pennant raised warships to denote nationality. Later, the meaning has expanded and it became not only mean the ship's flags and flags of different shapes, which are framed by a cord, fringe, and may have a brush. Ease pennant and its difference from Table flags that can be hung pennant in any place, including in the car.

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