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Magnet "Emblem of the Samara region" color bronze

255 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Size: 55 x 55 mm
  • Material: metal

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The magnet shows the coat of arms of the Samara region.

The coat of arms of the Samara region is a azure shield, which depicts a silver wild goat with golden horns, scarlet eyes and tongue and black hooves. The shield is crowned with the imperial crown and is surrounded by golden oak leaves connected by the St. Andrew ribbon.

The proud silver goat on the azure shield inspired respect with its confidence and calm power. The image of this animal in heraldry and symbolism is not inferior in age to the "royal persons" - the eagle and the lion. Already among the ancient peoples, the goat designated the leader, leader, was the embodiment of unwavering power. Oak leaves with acorns have become a symbol of mature, full of strength. And the blue St. Andrew’s ribbon on which the cross of the highest Russian order was worn - the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called, established by Peter the Great, emphasized the belonging of our land to the Russian state.

The colors of the coat of arms according to the rules of heraldry have a certain meaning:

  • gold symbolizes wealth, strength, loyalty, constancy;
  • silver (can be depicted in white) - moral purity;
  • light blue - greatness, beauty, clarity;
  • the scarlet — courage, heroism, generosity.

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