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Magnet "Emblem of the USSR" color nickel

255 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Size: 55 x 55 mm
  • Material: metal

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Symbols of the coat of arms of the USSR
It symbolizes voluntary unions: workers and peasants; republics in a single state on an equal basis. The international significance of the coat of arms of the USSR lies in the fact that it expresses the idea of the equality of all nations, the international solidarity of the peoples of the USSR with the working people of the whole planet.

The USSR was formed on December 29, 1922, when at the conference delegates from four republics (RSFSR, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Transcaucasian) signed an agreement on this.

To be a full-fledged member of society, each person must love his Fatherland, protect him, know and respect his history. Our country, Russia, is a state-successor of the RSFSR in terms of territorial and property rights, and at the same time - the USSR in terms of the fulfillment of its obligations under the concluded agreements.

But not only formally Russia is a continuation of the USSR, because the historical process does not end, and our roots are in the Soviet Union, which was a great power. Therefore, to know about the flag and coat of arms of the USSR means not to lose touch with your glorious past.

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