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Business card "The emblem of Samara" Zlatoust engraving

11 999 р.

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Delivery to Samara, Russia and the world


  • Size: 95 x 65 x 7 mm
  • It is packed in a gift box of velvet.
  • The content of precious metals: nickel, gold 5 microns.
  • Technique: panache brush, needle engraving, etching, polishing, nickel plating, gilding.

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Zlatoust steel engraving was born in the years 1816-1817 as a decoration knives. Art Chrysostom absorbed the rich traditions of Russian and European gunsmiths 17-18 cc., And soon Ural engravers created their own unique style. In 1830-ies. on the famous factory begin to decorate household appliances - boxes, chests, utensils, trays, paper knives, Cigarette, cigarette cases, hunting knives and hatchets. Steel engraving of Chrysostom has a glorious past, deep traditions. Art Zlatoust engraving owned local masters, passing it from generation to generation. Fulfilling the unique things the old experienced engravers were able to shine slacked off gilding and blued steel, to achieve in the engraving thin transitions.

Today stores in Samara, selling products Chrysostom, very few, it is a luxury product with a rich history. Our shop works with weapons Zlatoust plant products, and specially for the shop "Sambuc" factory made souvenirs and works of art with images and symbols of Samara, Samara province. All products are unique and have quality certificates confirming the existence of printing and gilding. All the products in individual gift box. In our store you can arrange personalized gift, sign or corporate order for plant products with your picture or logo.

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