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Travel Guides

We published the first guides to Samara in two languages on the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter in Samara. Each room is available and special information 10 things to do at one time or another, in our city, because the winter and summer with us - it's completely different activities.Come to Samara, get entertainment to their liking, and if suddenly bored, come to us, book a tour or buy a guide and you can safely walk and be a guide or guide-interpreter for his friends. Each room has a map of the center, the possibility of accommodation (hotel), and important phone numbers for the tourist.If you - a resident of Samara, the information will come in handy for school reports, essays, interviews and maintain a self-development.

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Information in the Winter Room:

- Three centers

- Samara region in Russia's history

- Symbols and Samara region

- A walk through the old town

- Frunze Street

- Winter sports and hiking trails

- Facts about Samara

- The span the distance from Samara to other cities




The information in the Autumn Issue:

- Walking through the Streets of Leningrad

- Monuments in Samara (continued)

- Samara Theatre

- Museums in Samara

- The events of autumn, which are worth visiting

- Samara Education (Universities)

- Famous people from Samara

- Autumn hunting in Samara

- Autumn Fair, agriculture in the province



Information in the spring Issue:

- Walking through the Streets of Kuibyshev

- Ethnic groups and religions in Samara

- Samara Aerospace

- "Wings of Soviets" - Russian football club from Samara

- Surface and underground transport in Samara

- Zhiguli Brewery

- The distance from Samara to cities in Russia